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Music & Fine Arts


Mission Statement

Through a comprehensive curriculum in performing and fine arts, the Sachem Department for Music and Fine Arts will help prepare students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, effective communicators and wise decision makers. This will be accomplished through the use of the New York State Standards for the Arts and/or the Common Core State Standards at all grade levels. The department will maintain an environment that promotes intellectual challenge, creativity, social and emotional growth, and the self-discipline and focus of each student. We believe that as a result of experiencing the arts through the Sachem Music and Fine Art Curriculum, our students will be able to:

  • Respond to the arts in subjective, aesthetic, analytic and evaluative ways
  • Imagine, create and think abstractly through the arts
  • Interpret the arts as a reflection of the life, values and ideas of this and other cultures
  • Increase awareness, respect and appreciation for the art and music heritage of America and that of other countries
  • Interpret ideas, attitudes and feelings effectively through involvement in the arts
  • Become life-long learners and lovers of the arts as either consumers, performers, creators or teachers

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    NYSSMA Festival Information 2018

    This spring, many of our Sachem students will participate in the NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble festival. The purpose of this page is to provide basic information to parents regarding the 2018 festival.

    NYSSMA Area 5 All-State Festival
    Friday & Saturday, March 23-24 @ Port Jefferson High School

    Level VI NYSSMA All-State Festival for 10th or 11th graders auditioning for All- State ensembles. (Except Jazz)
    Registration Form

    NYSSMA Jazz, Guitar, and Drum Set Festival
    Friday & Saturday, April 13-14 @ West Islip High School

    Level I-VI NYSSMA Solos for all Guitar, Drum, and Jazz (including All-State Jazz) students.
    Registration Form

    NYSSMA Solo Satellite for Sachem East Feeder Schools
    Monday, April 16 @ Sachem East High School

    Level I-VI NYSSMA Solo/Small Ensemble Festival for Sachem students attending East feeder schools.
    Registration Form

    NYSSMA Solo Satellite for Sachem North Feeder Schools
    Monday, April 23 @ Sachem North High School

    Level I-VI NYSSMA Solo/Small Ensemble Festival for Sachem students attending North feeder schools.
    Registration Form

    Visit NYSSMA FAQ for more information on NYSSMA Solo & Ensemble Festival


    Contact Information:

    Laura Wasdo
    Music Chairperson - Elementary
    Phone: 631-471-1464
    Fax: 631-471-1798

    Justin Comito
    D.M.A. Music Chairperson - Secondary
    Phone: 631-471-1464
    Fax: 631-471-1798

    Kerrin Asner
    Art Chairperson - Elementary/Secondary
    Phone: 631-471-1464
    Fax: 631-471-1798

    Karen Skippon
    Secretary for Music & Art
    Phone: 631-471-1464
    Fax: 631-471-1798

    Donna Vara
    Secretary for BOCES Arts in Education
    Phone: 631-471-1464
    Fax: 631-471-1798


    Sachem Central School District
    51 School Street
    Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779