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Waverly Elementary School

1111 Waverly Avenue
Holtsville, NY 11742
Phone: (631) 654-8690
John Ruggero, Principal






birthday ballons


June Birthdays
June 19th
Madalena M
Kai B
Elwin V

June 20th
Ethan A

June 21st
Kelsey N
Lillian R

June 22nd
Teyanna M

June 23rd
Joey G
Ashton P

June 26th
David M
Joshua P
Alayna M
Adrianna H
Eric S

June 27th
Joseph B
James G

June 29th
McKinley H
Matthew R

June 30th
Logan A
Illyria M
Nathaniel R







July Birthdays
Brooke S
Kacey B
Madelyn B
Jamie C
Caua C
Malia T
Isabella K
Michael L
Colleen H
Dominic A
Angelo M
Samantha M
Moses M
Anthony P
Tyler H
Anthony L
Cecilia L
Faleena L
Genevieve S
Jordy R
Michael M
Rylee G
Tyler H
Joseph S
William S
Emma B
Haley S
Emily G
Aidan H
Luke C
Carmen B
Grace A
Ryan P
Trevor C
Zachary J
Arsalan D
Rayne M
Victoria R
Andrea D
Dylan B
Andrew L
Tia O
Leah D
Alyssa M
Michael M
Sophia E
Jackson Z
Mia L
Dante A
Ariana E
Kaleb R
Brayden A
Trevor U
John W
Brandon R
Thomas B
Kathryn H
Jordan B
John Y
Roxanne D
Eric N
Alexa S



August Birthdays
Kayla M
Gianna S
Jacob D
Aidan B
Joshua E
Emma S
Gabryella R
Liliana B
Francis H
Isabelle C
Aiden B
Emily S
Gerard S
Ruben C
Adriana D
Francis J
Samuel O
Katelyn G
Blake P
Caden P
Cody F
Jack M
Leonardo L
Deon A
Nicole K
Shana L
Jayden D
Gianna F
Addison C
Sage M
Leah A
Hira S
Emma S
Anthony E
Thomas H
Yigithan C
Jack L
Patrick D
Sophia B
Luca M
Ria S
Hailey M
Giana C
Zachary N
Brayden H
Jaclyn B
Makenna F
Gina N
Caiden G
Isabella B
Christopher C
Reese M
Gianna M
Kailey H
Jayden R
Aaron M

birthday ballons 

Mission Statement:

The Sachem Family (students,  parents, employees and residents) works interdependently to develop leaders of great character who are highly competent, confident and caring. Most importantly we are motivating our students to become the best possible version of themselves. WE ARE  SACHEM!


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