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Sagamore Guidance Department

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6th Grade Counselor

Ms. Jennifer Jargo    

(631) 696 - 8600    Ext. 3

7th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Sabrina Sorrentino   

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3

8th Grade Counselor

Mr. Dan Zilberstein     

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3


Dr. Scott Dohrman

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3937

Social Worker

Mrs. Jennifer Romanski

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3936

Student Assistance Counselor

Ms. Melissa Bennett

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3

Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Jane Riker

(631) 696 - 8600   Ext. 3

Free Homework Help at the Sachem Public Library.

Ayuda gratuita a la tarea en la biblioteca pública de Sachem.



In the News

Sagamore’s Cross-Country Team

Sagamore’s Cross-Country Team photo thumbnail136159
By Emma Santos & Syed Dawood, 7th grade

So far, 2019 has been an enjoyable year for the Sagamore cross country team. Currently, the ground-breaking runners have held a repetitive score, continuously being triumphant. Ms. Angermeier is the coach of the exceedingly successful team. Everyone is undergoing strong ecstatic vibes running for the Sagamore cross-country team. Our fellow team member Demarco Heron states, "Cross-country is pretty fun."

To commence practice, the team jogs around the school's field hockey field. After jogging, as a team, we collectively stretch together in sets. Depending on the day, our coach prepares an exercise for us to practice. Usually, after practicing, we run the one-mile course, which is a perimeter of the school field. Cross-country is a running sport enjoyed nationally, and we recommend trying the sport one day.

Aquarium Trip by Arrdah Zaman

The Environmental Courtyard Club and Critter club went on a wonderful trip last May which was a fun experience for everyone. The activities that we did included the educational portion, touring around, and the seal show. The educational portion of the trip taught us about clams, starfish, and snails. The touring portion of the trip allowed us to roam around the aquarium with chaperones and that included the butterfly exhibit and the bird cage. The last portion of the trip was the seal show. Overall, the aquarium trip was a wonderful experience. 

Earth Day Contest

1 thumbnail133244
Mrs. Grant (Environmental Club) and Mrs. Esp (Critter Club) held a poster contest for Earth day, with the theme "Save our Species!" Students and staff were invited to vote on their favorites.

Congratulations to our winners, and many thanks to all students who participated!

The winners are:
1st Place: Alexia Dutton and Jason Beaulieu
2nd Place: Chloe Walsh
3rd Place: Jordan Dinner and Sophia Hammond

Congratulations to Bridget Mitchell!

1 thumbnail133245
Bridget came in second place in a writing contest run by the Suffolk County Executive and Asian-American Advisory Board. The theme of the writing contest was promoting cultural understanding and social harmony. Bridget is to be awarded $150 at a ceremony honoring her and several other outstanding writers from Suffolk County. Sagamore is very proud of Bridget and all of the students who entered.

Authors and Artists of Sagamore

The Sagamore News was published in June of 2019.  Congratulations to the club members!
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