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Fact Family Fun in Fall

Fact Family Fun in Fall photo

First-grade Chippewa Elementary School students in Laurie-Ann Rooney’s class approached math artistically as they practiced fact families in a hands-on activity using a construction paper pumpkin. To better understand how addition and subtraction work together, students were each given a set of three numbers, which they switched around to form four different combinations. Students discovered by arranging the numbers in different orders that they get the same sums and differences. They then displayed the different fact families by arranging the combinations on the pumpkin. After completing their pumpkin, the students were challenged to correctly label the four sections on it with each equation from their assigned fact family.

Student Buddies Share Discoveries

Student Buddies Share Discoveries photo

First- and fifth-grade students at Chippewa Elementary School buddied up as they participated in a hands-on science and mathematics autumn-themed activity.

First-grade students in Donna Gianfortone’s class became buddies with fifth-grade students from Jackie Foley’s class as they performed various activities centered on pumpkins. As a team, the student buddies visited different stations where they performed a multitude of examinations on the favorite fall fruit. Using paper clips and blocks, students began with taking measurements, then continued their observations by reaching inside the pumpkin to count the seeds and using a magnifying glass to inspect them closely. 

Throughout the activity, the student buddies offered each other varying perspectives on their observations. 


Sachem Schools Lend a Helping Hand

Helping Hand Pic
Helping Hand Pic 2
Throughout the month of September, Sachem Central School District students and staff came together to organize a variety of fundraisers and activities to benefit the victims of devastating hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Among the various items collected were personal hygiene supplies, nonperishable food items and a harvest of crops grown in Wenonah’s community garden, as well as gift cards and other monetary donations.

All items will be donated to one of three Texas schools the district has adopted or to local organization Island Harvest.