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Science Program (K-5)

Sachem’s Science Program is aligned with the New York State Science Standards and emphasizes the importance of:

Please click on the grade levels below to review the units of study:

K-5 Science Curriculum Overview

science a closer look image McGraw-Hill Website Companion for Sachem's Science Program:
Science Fun for Kids Links:
science news for kids image
Science News for Kids: Puzzles, games, and science fair ideas are just a few of the resources in this science-dedicated site for children and their families:
exploratorium image
Exploratorium: From developing “accidental scientists” in the kitchen to exploring human perception, this site is chock-full of some of the most fun science activities ever assembled.
nat geo kids image
National Geographic Kids: Find interactive games galore on geography, astronomy, and zoology.

Centre of the Cell Presentation: Remember that old game Operation? Kids can play a virtual version online at this site, while learning how different systems of the body work. This fun site, from London’s Centre of the Cell, will keep school kids (and their parents) entertained and informed. Looking for a great collection of activities to do at home? Get your hands on either of these: The Kids’ Science Book: Creative Experiences for Hands-On Fun or The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments.
pbs go image

PBS Kids Zoom : This great resource for families offers dozens of safe, educational home experiments using materials easily found around the house. It’s divided into categories, including water, structures, the five senses, patterns, life sciences, forces and energy, engineering, and chemistry.
questacon image

Questacon: Check out the cool resources available at this site from the land down under, the National Science and Technology Centre in Australia.
san diego zoo image
San Diego Zoo: From egg-speriments to fun tricks like the giraffe spit experiment, this great site lets kids have fun learning through experimenting, discovering things like how polar bears stay warm and theories copies of the books, and set some time aside to help your chil- And it’s an area where children need extra enrichment now, more than ever, because the national No Child Left Behind initiative is ecological consequences of oil spills.
Windows to the Universe: Games, puzzles, and activities about the Earth and the solar system can be found at this site.
saving energy image
US Department of Energey: Enlisting the help of Tinker Bell and the rat from the movie Ratatouille,the U.S. Department of Energy provides a great selection of games and activities on energy and conservation.
funology image
If you ever finish doing all the cool science experiments on this site, you can check out the other activities that get kids’ brains engaged too. Seems very open,

View some of the excellent sites available for you and your kids

by clicking on the websites described in: Science Fun for Kids

View the Grade 4 Science Assessment information:

Office of State Assessment for Elementary Science